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About Us

Tammy’s Kitchen is the brainchild of Patrick Finnegan, who learned a lot of his most delicious recipes from his mom….. Patricia aka Grammy.  So then, why “Tammy’s” Kitchen and not “Grammy’s”?  Well, it’s a funny family story that involves a birthday, a well-intentioned husband, and a cake with the wrong name....  So that is where ‘Tammy’ was born.

Patrick has extended his offerings from lasagna and mostaccioli to a full menu perfect for family meals and single+ servings - and he caters events!

You can always reach out to, or check us out on Facebook

From our family to yours…. Enjoy! 

And just as important, to take care of all families in our community we donate a portion of our profits to the North Texas Food Bank each month.

Welcome to Tammy's Kitchen By Patrick!

Homemade meals made and delivered to you

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This Month's Features!

Things to try out that aren't on the menu!  Go to the Menus Page for more details!

There are now new daily specials!!  Check them out on the menu page. We will have these daily specials M-F. 

May Featured Items

Mexican Lasagna -  The lasagna of the month is Mexican Lasagna- Layers of corn tortilla with refried beans, ground beef, squash, peppers blacked beans with a blend of cheeses and a Mexican marinara. 6-8 servings 9x9 pan $40

Tortilla Soup  - A pot of soup with tomatoes, black beans, corn and onions. Chicken can be added for $10


Carnitas -  Three pounds of Mexican pulled pork with a side of Mexican quinoa salad. Great on its own, a quesadilla or tacos (as pictured). Serves 4-6+

Mexican  Chicken Thighs-  A pan of chicken thighs seasoned with taco seasoning and served with a side of broccoli.​

BLT Casserole -  Everything you love about the classic sandwich turned into a casserole with avocado, green pepper and topped with cheddar cheese. 6+ servings

Chicken Taco Pasta - Ground Chicken, bell peppers, corn, tomatoes, black beans and cheddar

Everything is delicious and can be modified Order by emailing

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It is all so yummy!

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